Maranta Deux Pleasure

Lost Map
30th September 2022

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12" EP - Eco Vinyl
Maranta are vocalists, multi-instrumentalists, songwriters and producers Callum Govan and Gloria Black. They were brought together in 2018 through friendship, a love for melodic, leftfield pop and dance music and a mission to make visceral, textured and infectious songs easily translated to the dancefloor.

Deux Pleasure has been incubating over the past couple of years, a 20 or so minute collection that we are very proud to share with the world. The EP is as much about embracing hardship as it is about celebrating life. As people were forced into situations out with their control, separated or squeezed even closer together, we thought about all those pleasures that can be taken for granted, or so easily taken from us. The dynamics of human interactions under these conditions is the basis for most of the lyrical themes across the EP. We’ve tried to explore what pleasure means to us in this context, and when it is valid.” – Callum Govan

1. Let Your Lover Go 07:15
2. Of Me 00:46
3. Made Of Vibration 04:50
4. Of You 01:23
5. Our Love 03:21
6. Of Us 00:30
7. Pleasure 05:15