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Primal Scream Demodelica

15th October 2021

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Ft. Notes by Jon Savage

Across 2LPs, ‘Demodelica’ will take fans on the journey of the creation of the album, through demos and work in progress mixes, allowing them an insight into the creative process that went into the finished album. ‘Demodelica’ will also be released on CD and digitally and will feature liner notes from acclaimed British music journalist and cultural historian Jon Savage.

LP1 Side A 1. ‘Come Together’ (Jam Studio Monitor Mix) 2. ‘Damaged’ (Hackney Studio Demo) 3. ‘Movin’ On Up’ (Hackney Studio Demo) Side B 1. ‘Higher Than The Sun’ (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio) 2. ‘Higher Than The Sun’ (Jam Studio Monitor Mix) 3. ‘I’m Comin’ Down’ (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio) 4. ‘I’m Comin’ Down’ (Jam Studio Monitor Mix) LP2 Side C 1. ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It’ (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio) 2. ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It’ (Isle Of Dogs Hypnotone Mix)

3. ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It’ (EMI Publishing Studio Mix) 4. ‘Inner Flight’ (Hackney Studio Vocal Melody) 5. ‘Inner Flight’ (Henry A Cappella Jam Studio) 6. ‘Inner Flight’ (Jam Studio Monitor Mix) Side D 1. ‘Shine Like Stars’ (Jam Studio Monitor Mix) 2. ‘Shine Like Stars’ (Eden Studio Demo) 3. ‘Screamadelica’ (Eden Studio Demo)

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