Jer Reid Days and Diary Entries

Gruff Wit
28th July 2023

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Jer Reid has spent a lot of his time being involved with music: playing and organising in lots of different bands, configurations and roles.

He started writing lyrics for the first band he was in, dawson, when he was a teenager. It was catharsis. Writing was a crucial way to vent his rage at prejudice, injustice and the disconnected culture of consumer capitalism he was living in.

Over the years that catharsis has been maintained while his process with writing has expanded. Writing has become a dialogue between, and a meditation on, different notions of the self and relationships of all kinds, and a point of connection to his dearest friends, places and experiences.

Days and Diary Entries is a collection of ideas, poems, lyrics and occasional emails and one-liners written over thirty years.

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