Soundtracks & Head Daga Daga Daga

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20th April 2024

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Previously unreleased LP by two former Swell Maps, Epic Soundtracks & Jowe Head from 1981. A classic 12″ single, ‘Rain Rain Rain’ b/w ‘Ghost Town’ was released by Rough Trade in 1981, but the duo ran oiut of funds to mix the LP, which has now been mixed by Jowe Head from the recently rediscovered original master tapes. Many of these pieces are intense rhythmic pieces, partly influenced by their emerging interest in African music, particularly the Burundi drumming style. They were also excited by some of the No Wave sounds coming out of New York at the time, such as The Contortions, and Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, as well as the current German records by DAF, SYPH, Holger Czukay . Sleeve notes by Jowe Head. Milky Clear Vinyl