Cuneiform Tabs Cuneiform Tabs

16th February 2024

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Cuneiform Tabs is a correspondence recording project between Matt Bleyle (Violent Change/Sopors) and Sterling Mackinnon (False Berries/Violent Change). Compiled from 18 months of recordings traded between their respective homes in the Bay Area and the UK, this eponymous debut was assembled with Tascam portastudios and entry-level home studio software. For anyone familiar with Violent Change and the False Berries, this will sound like a hybrid of both. For the unfamiliar, this recording is recommended if you like R.D. Laing, technology in flames, Sylvia Browne, blue dream, Sid and Marty Krofft, narrow band light therapy, Vera Figner, Kim Philby, Art Bell, and Gunfight At Carnegie Hall.

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