MIchael Head Ciao Ciao Bambino *Signed Copies*

Nine Eight Books
15th August 2024

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Signed Hardback

For over forty years, Michael Head has been creating inspirational music that is rooted in the streets of Liverpool. He formed Pale Fountains with his friend Chris McCaffrey in the early 1980s, and then after McCaffrey tragically died from a brain tumour, he went on to create Shack with his brother John. But during a career that
has been beset with tragedy, addiction, loss and bad luck, Head has continued to create exceptional music – and in 2022 he had his biggest commercial success with The Red Elastic Band’s Dear Scott.
This is Head’s story. It is a story of growing up in Liverpool, of thwarted dreams, self-sabotage, chronic substance abuse, homelessness and brushes with death. It is also a story of an under-appreciated genius, of transcendental songs and the
healing power of art and music and family and love. This is the life-affirming story of Michael Head, told in his own poetic voice, a man who walked barefoot over broken glass for forty years before the world caught up with what the faithful already knew: this man is Britain’s greatest songwriter.