Ween Chocolate and Cheese (Deluxe Edition) 30th Anniversary

2nd August 2024

Format Info

3LP - black vinyl

This 30th Anniversary Deluxe 3LP Edition finds the original album recut from the original master tapes by Bernie Grundman, alongside a special bonus disc curated by Dean and Gene Ween that includes fifteen previously unreleased demos of classic and soon-to-be classic tracks from their personal archives.

A brilliant fusion of gonzo pop, 1994’s Chocolate and Cheese is arguably Ween’s finest moment. The album proved once and for all that along with their twisted sense of humor and wide musical vocabulary, Dean and Gene Ween are impressive songwriters. Over the course of Chocolate and Cheese, Ween explore virtually every permutation of pop, rock, soul, and funk in their own unique (and very “brown”) way.