DJ Nigga Fox Chá Preto

10th April 2024

Format Info

1LP black vinyl

Feels as if we’re stepping outside the known universe of Nigga Fox but simultaneously being invited in. It’s not about being hermetic, shutting out followers of his trademark dance beats or making an experimental statement per se. All this music comes effortlessly during sessions such as any other, so don’t throw away valuable time searching for a concept.

“Chá Preto” sounds revolutionary but not so much in his discography, accustomed as we are to game-changing compositional solutions in the afro musical continuum but – never forget – also in Dance Music taken as a broad genre. But is it Dance? Certainly a fair amount of suffering and introspection comes clear throughout the album, namely in the sequence made up of “Má Rotina” and “Mutadoree Leonor”. “Mutadoree” is a free, alternative spelling of “much pain” and each listener can process the info as s(h)e pleases. The music is also strikingly beautiful, so there’s really no final word on this.

Beats come sparse, a very personal phraseology, the dancefloor a memory. Or just something to keep in mind for a future night out. Presently there’s no lack of adventure or excitement in these grooves, a uniquely themed one-person show of musical skills and bare emotion. It ends in a snap, not a trace of embellishment. Pragmatic and out of the loop. Rewind and feel it all over again. Any comparison in mind? Flip through History books and you won’t find this chapter.