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Faye Webster Care Therapy Sessions

Secretly Canadian
29th April 2022

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LP - Walnut Brown
Walnut Brown Vinyl

Car Therapy Sessions, an EP of new and re-imagined songs by Webster, backed by 24 piece orchestra. Webster reimagines three songs from her critically acclaimed 2021 release I Know I’m Funny, Haha and 2019’s Atlanta Millionaires Club.

With the 24 piece orchestra backing her, the songs “Kind Of”, “Sometimes” and “Cheers” take on a cinematic and glimmering new sheen. In addition to “Car Therapy” she also shares a sprawling and emotional work- “Suite: Jonny,” which combines fan-favorites “Jonny” and “Jonny (Reprise).” The two songs originally appeared on the Atlanta Millionaire’s Club tracklist, two different views on the same narrative. Here they’re presented together.

It’s remarkable how beautifully Webster’s work can take on this orchestral treatment. Like Cole Porter, or Judy Garland – her delicate and emotional delivery packs a gut punch when dramatized by the EP’s robust arrangements.