Aidan Moffat & Anonymous Sources CALM The BEANS / Wokey Cokey

Hirsute Hits
9th June 2023

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7" - white vinyl
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This first single in the Hirsute Hits series – a new label dedicated to limited edition, one-off singles by various bands featuring yours truly – was originally intended to release in June; there were plans to make a video, get the social media ducks in a row, and all that boring business that comes with putting a record out. But this May’s Bandcamp Friday is followed on Saturday by the coronation of King Charles III, and the role of monarchy in modern Britain is naturally a hot topic this week (not least of all on Twitter, as anyone who follows me might know), so I’ve decided to rush-release the single and bring it forward. The reason for this will be apparent when you hear it: the lyrics were written in the wake of the Queen’s funeral, not so much as an anti-monarchy statement – even I, as a lifelong republican, had a soft spot for ER II – but rather anti-apathy, anti-indifference, and anti-distraction. Like many people, I found the vulgar display of opulence and ceremony dedicated to inherited wealth and power extremely distasteful, especially in such times as these, when Britain’s social inequality seems to worsen by the minute, and a hard right government worships an old, glorious Britain that never really existed. It’s the most overtly political record I’ve made so far, but hopefully good fun too. (Also, just in case you’re somewhere public, both songs are NSFW, but the end of Wokey Cokey is especially sweary.)

For those who might find the political tone of this release a bit jarring, fear not! – Hirsute Hit #2, coming later this year, is more familiar territory, and will feature two mellow, nostalgic love songs. Beyond that, I’m not sure where it’ll go – the third release could be a field recording experiment, a spoken-word poetry EP, a couple of doom-jazz numbers … no idea.

And finally, I know some of you might not agree with the single’s sentiments, but despite what the culture warriors tell us, we can still be friends. I’ve got quite a few hardcore Tories in my family, for instance, and I’d take a bullet for them. Life and love is complicated. x

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