Les Rallizes Denudes Blind Baby Has Its Mother's Eyes

4th June 2021

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LP - blue vinyl

Hadaka No Rarīzu, the legendary, even mythical, Japanese experimental / psychedelic rock band formed in November 1967, led by guitarist Takashi Mizutani and known to a select following outside Japan as Les Rallizes Dénudés.

It would be hard to name a “rock” band with more mystery swirling around it: the less than a handful of official releases – most recordings being live, brain meltingly raucous, indecipherable and bound together with ear-splitting feedback and a wall of distortion and delay. The fact their first bassist joined the Japanese Red Army and hijacked a plane to North Korea, kind of puts pouting, pampered rock stars into some kind of perspective.

500 only, hand numbered copies on blue vinyl.

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