Kinbrae & Clare Archibald Birl Of Unmap

Full Spectrum Records
4th February 2022

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CD + Signed Art Card

Full Spectrum and The Dark Outside are pleased to present ‘Birl of Unmap,’ the first collaborative album from Kinbrae – the project of twin brothers Mike and Andy Truscott – and writer / artist Clare Archibald. Hailing from the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland, the trio has forged a new practice in creative dialogue and sonic experimentation, exploring abstract notions of ‘place’ and deconstructing its innate rhythms and sonic totems.

For the unfamiliar, a bit of vocabulary context may be required – “birl” is a Scots word that means to spin or whirl.

To wit, ‘Birl of Unmap’ is an attempt to unravel the dynamic layers that make Fife an area of both artistic and physical interest, as well as interpreting something of the perceived language of the place. Sitting across the water from the cities of both Edinburgh and Dundee, yet also adjacent to the open North Sea, the Kingdom of Fife is both connected to the greater world and resolutely of itself. It can be reached from all directions by iconic bridges and yet is not an island, but such a landscape permits the existence of half-seen truths and spaces. ‘Birl of Unmap’ is a response to one such place – a place of several pasts and many names in West Fife that has existed as an open cast mine, the long gone pit village of Lassodie  more


releases February 11, 2022

Music composed and arranged by Andy and Mike Truscott
Words written and/or arranged by Clare Archibald

Andy Truscott – synthesizers / piano / electronics / percussion / ableton live / field recordings

Mike Truscott – cornet / tenor horn / bass guitar / metallophone

Clare Archibald – words / vocals / harmonium / spinning top / field recordings / oral history recordings / research

Sebastian Selke – Cello

Additional words:

Excavate of Other (the Unknowing) – Words written and spoken by Murdo Eason
Undersouls – Words spoken by Alex Black from the poem “The Dead Pit” by Duncan Gillespie (1962)
Carbide Fizz – Words spoken by Peggy Crawford
Half Seen Truths of the M90 – Words written and spoken by Agnieszka Jadowska

Produced by Kinbrae & Clare Archibald
Recorded by Ben Chatwin & Andy Truscott in Ceres, Fife
Mixed by Ben Chatwin at The Vennel Studio in Ceres
Artwork by Niall McCormack
Layout & design by Gretchen Korsmo
Mastered by Andrew Weathers