Dürer Beyond The Firmament

Visions Press
5th April 2024

Format Info

7" - black vinyl
This is the sound of a band honing their craft to a fine art, regardless of the time and effort it takes. This is what it sounds like to confront the unsettling state of the world with a righteous anger. This is the sound of LIFE breaking through the drudgery of that everyday reality. This is DURER
Limited run black 7″ vinyl. Pressed, not lathecut: 100 copies only! Risoprinted monochrome cover pays tribute to the stylings of the mighty Albrecht Dürer. Comes with liner notes, band photo and download card.
Co-release with Thumper Punk Records.
Dürer ist:
Chris – Guitar, Drums, Synths, Hurdy Gurdy, Banjolele, Bass, Vocals
Dave – Lead Vocals, Bass, Art Direction, Sample Curation
Mixed by Chris Davis for CDS
Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb FactoryAdditional Vocals by the DURER Choir:
Curtis Bell, George Hugo, Louise Davis, Jason Willison, T.J. Hall, Thomas Mong, Vicky Emmerson & Zach Bridier