Dancer As Well + Dumb & Glummer comic

13th October 2023

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Cassette + comic
Dancer's 'As Well' album on cassette tape packaged with 'Dumb & Glummer' comic compilation by Scott Jason Smith.

Dancer the music group from Glasgow will present their second EP of the year on 13/10/23, once again via local label GoldMold on Cassette and digital download, with artwork by Scott Jason Smith.

5 new songs recorded at Green Door Studio in Glasgow, live to tape with Ronan Fay, the group has heightened some still burgeoning characteristics this time. The harsh songs are harsher, the considered warmth of slower efforts chime more melodically.

This latter approach can be found most diligently on lead track ‘Love’ where the elasticity of the superb guitar arrangement weaves euphorically through a soaring love song narrative. Never has the attempt to marry a Life Without Buildings influence with the band’s own natural persona felt so worthwhile.

Dancer is Gemma Fleet (Voice/Words), Chris Taylor (Guitar/Keytar), Andrew Doig (Bass) and Gavin Murdoch (Drums).

They also play in other bands such as Nightshift (Trouble in Mind), Order of the Toad (Gringo Records) and Robert Sotelo (Upset the Rhythm)

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