Angry Buddhists Angry Buddhists

31st August 2023

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CD - signed

You want Memorial Device? You got it. Angry Buddhists were Aidan Moffat, his younger brother and whatever was hanging around. Blasted onto dictaphone in the moment, songs being made as they go along, a wildly-pitched Aidan experimenting and finding his voice. Missives from a Scottish living room, field recordings from a family home: some of this sounds like Ivor Cutler regressed all the way back to Bart Simpson-age. There’s a prank call to Tower Records, Noise music, absolutely fried spoken word, even some melodies squiggling away in the background against someone in the bath or washing the dishes.

“The Angry Buddhists were me, my wee brother and some mates. We recorded loads of songs on dictaphones and 4-tracks from 1990 – 1995, quite often with the telly on. I fucking RAP on one of them, I kid you not. And it’s about Elvis!”

  • Aidan Moffat