Gary Lachman (Herb Lester Associates) Aleister Crowley: The Beast in Britain

Herb Lester
19th October 2023

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Illustrated map and cards

The famed and feared occultist Aleister Crowley was never in one place long. His travels took him across the globe, sometimes as a seeker, at other times staying just ahead of creditors, rivals and cast-off lovers.

In this large-format illustrated map and guide, author Gary Lachman documents key locations in the homeland to which Aleister Crowley always returned, from his birth in Royal Leamington Spa in 1875 to his death in Hastings in 1947.

The 40-plus entries include Carlisle, where a teenage Crowley slept with a hotel chambermaid and threw his tutor out of a boat; Boleskine, his house on Loch Ness, later owned by Jimmy Page; and numerous London addresses, including residences, pubs, occult shops and even the Café Royal, where he pretended to be invisible and ran out on the bill.