Gnac* Afternoon Frost

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25th November 2022

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Comes with signed postcard.
LP - green vinyl
Comes with signed postcard set.
Afternoon Frost is the sixth full-length from composer Mark Tranmerʼs instrumental GNAC project. Inspired to relaunch GNAC after the inclusion of early single “The Broken Fall” on Tim Burgess and Bob Stanleyʼs 2019 “Tim Peaks” compilation, Tranmer wrote, performed and recorded the album from his home studio in Stirling, Scotland, during 2020ʼs enforced solitude. As with all Tranmerʼs oeuvre, Afternoon Frost is cinematic in scope, spanning piano-led miniatures (”Gathering Shadow”) to layer upon layer of lush instrumentation (”Winter Moon”, “Cinematagrafica”). Prior to dusting off the GNAC moniker, Tranmer co-wrote and recorded an album with Italian pianist Alessandra Celletti in Rome. He was also one-half of the Montgolfier Brothers, alongside sorely missed songwriter, lyricist and vocalist Roger Quigley; the band released two albums on Alan McGeeʼs Poptones label. Mastered in Glasgow by Samuel J. Smith, Afternoon Frost is at once a welcome addition to the GNAC discography and an exciting evolution of the themes and motifs that the project is so well known for.
“Tranmer’s music has been one of the soundtracks to my life for many years now. I love the way his supple, original music can either soothe you in the background or absorb you in the foreground.“ – Jonathan Coe (author)
“This is inescapably music. Chamber music, possibly…with enough post-rock plinks, plonks and percussion to reassure you itʼs not 1602.” — Kitty Empire (pop music critic, The Observer)
“Beautiful…” – Alan McGee
“Ethereal…” – Tim Burgess
Artwork by Timothy O’Donnell (formerly, 4AD)
** Edition of 100 (green vinyl – has red sticker on shrinkwrap) / 100 (yellow vinyl ) **

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