Sam Knee A Scene In Between USA: Sights and sounds from the indie underground '82-'88

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14th November 2022

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Following on from the critical success of a Scene In Between, this new book by Sam Knee represents a foray into the musical and sartorial treasures of the American 1980s guitar-based indie scenes. From post-hardcore through college rock to the nascent grunge scene by way of the paisley underground, this book journeys coast to coast, DC to Olympia, taking a trip through an alternative musical history that stands in proud opposition to the mainstream Reaganite culture of the era.

Original, never-seen-before photography by scenesters and band members captures the DIY energy and styles of bands including Rites of Spring, Dinosaur Jr, Opal, Galaxie 500, Beat Happening, Pussy Galore and countless others. Brand new interviews by Ric Menck of the Springfields, Tobi Vail of the Go Team and J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr make this a must have for any music or fashion afficionado.

Sam Knee is a writer, blogger, sartorialist and instagrammer, whose endless fascination with the indie music scenes of the 1980s has led him to become one of the world authorities on the subject.

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