Minisnap, an alternative Bats

Plus Alien Eyelid re-stock

Just working our way through some sublime pop music courtesy of the Tall Texan label from Minisnap and alternative country wonder on this second press of Alien Eyelid’s LP that we couldn’t keep in stock last autumn. Find em in the bio

Limited to 200, Bounce Around is gonna float a lot of yr boats.

Kaye Woodward, best known as guitarist with The Bats, shines out with a great collection of her own songs with this 1st full length album. Also features fellow Bats, Paul Kean and Malcolm Grant along with Marcus Winstanley and special guest, Andy Scott (brother of Robert Scott) on Charango.

Stunning, bright and swooning pop music from a re-configuration of New Zealand legends The Bats. Coalescing around the songs of member Kaye Woodward, these recordings hit straight to the heart. Familiar jangle/drones you’d recognise from the parent group abound but with Woodward’s utterly disarming voice. Hit up Innocent for that crunchy, dreamy minor chord slice of heaven, more traditional Twee-adjacent roller In A Dream packs a bass-y thud that’s pretty satisfying, the doomed romance of A Walk In The Dark, there’s a hell of a lot to love on this totally underrated beauty.

Houston’s Alien Eyelid follow up their previous Tall Texan release with stronger songs than ever and an expanded line-up. Featuring alumni of Lower Dens, Balaclavas, Buxton, and Hearts of Animals, ‘Bronze Star’ straddles the line between indie rock, country, and the country-tinged ‘Workingman’s Dead’-era Dead.

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