Felt’s inspired, wayward career documented

Bubblegum Perfume and Goldmine Trash colour vinyl reissues

Felt’s two Cherry Red and Creation eras were documented on two compilations which stand as reminders as why they were such a special group. Lawrence’s vocal is the constant, though it changes in delivery and grows in confidence during the Creation era but musically the full gamut is run from scintillating guitar pieces with Maurice Deebank at the helm to spaced out, synth-drenched work made under the influence of later band member Martin Duffy.

Gold Mine Trash documents the group’s early music for Cherry Red. This is the vaguely obscured, beautiful work that created the Felt legend and their most cherished work, perhaps. Bubblegum Perfume, taking the story into the mid to late 80s and the Creation label shows how prescient Lawrence Hayward’s aesthetic instincts were. Here we see the group’s most confident pop songs as the blueprints they were for the label’s more commercially successful acts a few years later.

Both Gold Mine Trash and Bubblegum Perfume are being reissued by the 1972 label on limited colour vinyl pressings.

Bathe yourself in the golden glow of Felt.

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