Camera Obscura, welcome home.

Seminal early works, Monorail Exclusive colour vinyl editions.

At our heart, we’re a community record store. Our community isn’t constrained to Glasgow – if you’re reading this, you’re part of it, wherever you are. We are, though, very proud to be from Glasgow and are proud of the music heritage we’re part of.

Camera Obscura and the narratives that populate their records are woven into the city’s tapestry. They’re also our friends and customers as well as talented storytellers and musicians. The band’s earlier discography has been out of print for some time so it’s with a great deal of pride that we were able to partner with the group’s Spanish label Elefant to present these two earlier records that propelled them into the affection of people worldwide. 

Underachievers Please Try Harder and Let’s Get Out Of This Country have been repressed by Elefant and we are delighted to have both albums on Monorail Exclusive colours. Both titles are limited to 500 each.

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