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  • Richard Youngs Barbed Wire Explosion In The Kingdom Of Atlantis

    • LP £9.99
    The absolute freedom of Richard Youngs's music (and career path) has led to some unexpected destinations.
    No Fans
    28 Jun 2013
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  • Richard Youngs Holograph

    • LP - dark red vinyl £18.99
    "On Friday, Dave Barker asked if I would like to make a new song album for Glass Modern or - indeed - had I already made one..."
    Glass Modern
    2 Apr 2021
    Dep's Pick
  • Richard Youngs Metal River

    • LP £16.99
    New album by another favourite artist here at FD, whose work can traverse everywhere from avant-folk or otherworldly pop to minimalist electronics...
    Fourth Dimension
    19 Feb 2021
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